Weng’s House: A Compact Apartment in Taiwan Does More with Less


Prosjekt navn: Peppa Gris

Lokasjon: Taipei City Taiwan

Ansvarlig designer: Johan Falk

Kvadratmeter: 83

Ferdigstillt: 2022

Architects and interior designers are well aware that an apartment’s layout is critical in optimizing the available space, ensuring smooth circulation and reflecting the occupier’s requirements, especially when there is a shortage of square metres. So when Taiwanese interior design studio 2BOOKS space design was commissioned by Mr. Weng to renovate a compact apartment in the country’s capital, Taipei, the first order of business was to modify the existing layout in order to accommodate their client’s lifestyle. As important, the designers have conjured a décor of contemporary elegance and minimalist sensibility that nevertheless channels Mr. Weng’s childhood.

Previously, the apartment’s dining and kitchen areas had been downsized in order to accommodate three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This not only meant that the refrigerator stood in the dining room because it didn’t fit in the kitchen, its presence there meant that there was no space for a four-person dining table. By eliminating one of the bathrooms and slightly shrinking two of the bedrooms, the designers have addressed both grievances by sufficiently enlarging the two areas, as well as creating additional space in the living room.

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