Web design &


—Illustrations, animation and web design—

In December 2015 we started drafting a storyboard for Akva-Ren the movie. The people of Akva-Ren wanted a an "infomercial" capturing the essence of what the company delivers in a humorous and infographic way. We gathered data together with Stephan and Ernst and started sketching out a storyline. Together with our illustrator Alessio we began crafting elements and "actors" starring in this short.

Animation and editing started spring 2016 and during the summer the master was complete. We have waited to release the movie to the public as the graphic elements and "stars of the movie" would play an integral part of the new website. The work on the new website started late summer 2016 and was finished 13th of september 2016. A much more modern and content friendly website.

We would like to thank Stephan and Ernst at Akva-Ren for a good co-operation throughout the project.



—Different elements from the animation—


Watch the full animation down below. We spent one month in production. Sound edit, animation and editing.

Below you see a mock-up of the home-page. Lots of custom designwork coupled with css hacks was used to get the feel and result we wanted for the new website. 

Visit the live site at akvaren.no