Prokom and Spama

Prokom and Spama
Brand identity

We got the exiting assignment of re-branding Prokom and Spama. Sem & Stenersen Prokom is one of Norways largest and most known providers of EPI server solutions for the municipality space. 

The old brand and logo did not reflect a forward thinking and technological company. We firmly believe that the new company symbol shows: Development (coders), forward thinking and solution thinkers. 

It was important that the blue and orange was kept, but with a touch of modern, saturated looks to it.

A special thanks to Richard Hovdsveen for trusting us with this cool and exiting project!

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Bold and strong

We wanted the new brand to stand out on the new web site. The old site had so much content going on. To many call to action areas. This clearly send a signal to the competitors: We are forward thinking and design oriented.